Storage Units For Sports Junkies

Do you have that one person who's a complete sports junkie? I don't mean the one who sits at home every Sunday watching the game; I mean the one who's actually out there playing every sport known to man. He's the type that needs to try anything and everything from fly fishing to snowboarding to racquetball. He's a Renaissance man of the sporting world. It's great for one's health, but terrible for the home, unless every piece of equipment is rented, which I'm sure they are not.

His garage is a mess of skis, rackets, sneakers, mountain bikes, helmets, snowboards, and a whole mess of items you didn't even know existed. Some of these athletic fanatics are the type who will try a sport and get really into for a few months and quickly lose interest. Others look forward to the sport each season and somehow make time to do it all. The former might benefit more from actually selling the unwanted equipment instead of holding onto it for all eternity. The latter, however, should invest in a storage unit. Even if he has a garage, I'm sure he'd rather use it for its intended purpose - a place to put the car. During the off-season, there is no reason to hold onto certain items. Do you really need the skis and bobsled at hand during the hot summer months?

A storage unit will prove to quickly become a worthy investment. Because you play sports all year long, and because most you can only play for a certain amount of time, there will always be equipment to fill up the storage unit. Unless you have snowmobiles and jet skis, you probably won't need a very large unit. But should you need it, many storage rental companies offer various sized units to meet your needs. If you give them an estimate about the number of items you have, they should be able to figure out the best size unit so you do not end up with too much or too little space. Check the company's website to see if they offer a space calculator on the site to save you time.

Sporting equipment is not cheap and like anyone interested in storing personal items, you want to know your property is well protected. Look for safety features such as surveillance cameras, security guards, and individual entry codes. Peace of mind is not something to take for granted.

And when the mood strikes to get into a new sport, you can play happily knowing you have a space to store your new gear.


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